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welcome back. thanksgiving gift for one las vegas military family. watch. is that not the best thanksgiving gift ever? rile morris received a big surprise when her dad, sergeant major ronald morris unexpectedly, as you can see there, walked into her dance class. came home early from his 14-month tour of duty in afghanistan just in time for thanksgiving. >> what a fantastic surprise. happy thanksgiving to them. happy thanksgiving to all of you. happy black friday. that is all for "starting point." cnn "newsroom" with carol costello starts right now. >> happy black friday, new holiday. black friday madness under way and on edge. >> push my kids down, i will stab one of you [ bleep ]. >> retail rage. if you're going shopping, be
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wa warned, not just big crowds but all that pressure to buy, buy, buy could take a financial toll on anyone. shopping tips to help you avoid mistakes. a woman posted a photo and after an avalanche of protests loses her job. did he purposely kick an opponent in the groin? "newsroom" starts now. good morning to you. happy friday. i'm carol costello. it is black friday. some 147 million americans are hitting the stores on this weekend after thanksgiving. lines are long. tempers short. >> push one of my kids i will stab one of you [ bleep ]. >> police in south sacramento
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responded to the store where that happened and they were able to calm things down, but as you can see, long lines may not be the only thing waiting for you at the stores this morning. many walmart workers are now walking off the job in stores across the country. this is a live -- actually, are these taped images from wjla? these are live pictures from our washington affiliate, landover, maryland. these are striking walmart workers, who originally organized in a parking lot two blocks from a walmart store and now they're on their way over to that store. we don't know exactly what they're going to do once they get there. will they block shoppers on their way in, protest across the street? we'll have to wait and see. renee marsh is in landover hills, maryland, where those workers are headed. what does it look like from your vantage point, renee? >> reporter: right now, carol, i can tell you black friday, big shopping day.
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retailer like walmart wants people to be talking about those doorbuster sales. instead, we have a situation like this. take a look. you have the state troopers all lined up here in the event that there is a situation once this protest does get under way. here is what i can tell you about what we're expecting to happen here at this walmart here in maryland. i'm told that some four buses filled with people, an estimated 300 people will be making their way here to this walmart. i'm also told those people will consist of union members, community members, all people who support the workers here at walmart and walmarts really throughout the country. they say that they will be walking this perimeter. if you take a look, it's quite a bit of walking they plan on doing. they will walk the entire perimeter around walmart. at some point they tell me they will cross over and go on to walmart's property. they do expect at that very moment that police will arrive. they also expect that they will
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come face-to-face with management. i'm also told that at that very point when they walk on to walmart's property they will read some sort of letter on behalf of the workers here at this particular walmart. pretty much, carol, the reason for this protest, a few things. wages. they say that wages are extremely low. they also say that walmart retaliates against workers who speak out about low pay. they also want to see better benefits for workers here at walmart. and they also want to see, you know, better schedules, to be honest. it's really far. you cannot see. i can see out the corner of my eye we are beginning to see those protesters make that he way their way here. we don't have an official head count at this point but we will be watching and waiting to see how this all develops. i did speak to one person who is part of this protest and he says we're not trying to shut down walmart on black friday.
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we just want to raise the awareness of what is happening and what they really feel is unfair practices for the workers here. carol? >> i can't help but notice the parking lot behind you. it doesn't look full. are there many shoppers in walmart this morning? >> reporter: you know, that was our initial impression when we got here as well. we thought, wow, where are all the shoppers here? you're right. the parking lot does not look full here. i did ask -- they say most likely they will not. they will be talking directly to the management who comes out as soon as they cross on to walmart's property. they're focusing on not trying to stop business today. they're not trying to disrupt busine business. what they want to do is get better wages for the workers here. i did ask as to whether any of the workers at this particular walmart planned on walking out. we don't know at this point. but if any of the workers at this walmart walks out, of course, we will get ahold of
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them and talk to them quite a bit. of course, the worry is you know what happens next when you walk out. do you lose your job? of course, we're talking about the holiday season here. >> renee, you stick around. we're watching a picture right next to you of those people making their way towards you. we'll get back to you once they get there. earlier this week i talked to a walmart spokesperson about the walkout. he downplayed the walkout and dismissed their complaints. >> part-time worker, very usual in the retail industry. we've got some of the best jobs in the retail industry and our associates appreciate that. 250,000 associates have worked for us for more than ten years. our turnover rate is lower than the retail industry average. three-quarters of our store management teams started as hourly workers. we promoted 165,000 people last year. and get this, 20% of the people we hired this year are rehires. meaning they worked for the company. they left and they came back because they realized they
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weren't getting a better deal. >> many business experts are keeping a close eye on the protecht pr protests and whether workers can muster any leverage. with walmart being the nation's largest private employer it has a huge influence on the entire industry nationwide. all right. we turn now to breaking news out of cairo, egypt. protesters are outraged at egyptian president mohamed morsi's power grab. thousands have gathered calling it the birth of a new pharaoh. attacking the headquarters of morsi's political party in alexandria and set it on fire according to egyptian tv. reza sayah joins us on the phone from tarir square. set the scene for us. reza, are you there?
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>> reporter: hello? >> reza, can you hear me? >> reporter: carol, i apologize. it is very loud here. i'm going to have a terribly difficult time hearing you. we are at tahrir square where thousands of people have come to protest against egyptian president mohamed morsi and there appears to be clashes between security forces and protest protesters in tahrir square. we just saw hundreds of people run i running away from security forces. we can report that tear gas has been shot in the air, we're assuming by security forces. it's remarkable here, carol, we're hear iing what we heard t years ago during revolution that toppled president mubarak, that people want to topple the
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regime. you're hearing it again, the anger and furry aimed at the current egyptian president mohamed morsi. all of the outrage was triggered by the announcement last night of a series of decrees that gives the president sweeping powers. critics are describing this as a power grab. one decree says that when he took over office, his decisions c cannot be overturned by anyone other than -- excuse me, even by the joushry. is he describing these decrees as an effort to keep the democratic process going, to salvage the revolution. obviously his opponents disagree. that's where we are today. tensions are escalating. again, it looks like there are some clashes. we'll stay here to see how things unfold. more and more protesters coming into tahrir square, what happens
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become a symbol of -- >> mohamed morsi, is he speaking there? >> reporter: carol, if we're still on air, i cannot hear you. >> i just wondered who this man -- what this man was saying who is speaking to the crowd. >> reporter: carol, i apologize. >> that's okay. i'm going to let reza sayah go. he will gather more information for us. of course, we'll pass it along to you. as you can see, things are a bit chaotic in tahrir square in cairo, egypt. we'll take you back there as soon as we have more information. okay. let's talk a little sports now. call it the touchdown that was, but should not have been. it's aply the detroit lion will not soon forget in the fourth quarter of the thanksgiving lions/texans game. looks like he should be down, obviously down after a short run. the whistle never blows and he
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ends up with an 81 yard touchdown. scoring play that should have been automatically reviewed but the lions head coach jim schwartz throws the challenge flag. instead schwartz is given unsportsman like penalty for delaying the game. and by nfl rules the touchdown stands. this rule will probably be reviewed. gunther cunningham ain't so happy. thanksgiving tradition might be his controversial plays. this time, his foot somehow ends up in the groin of quarterback matt schaub. this happened in the first quarter. he would not discuss it after the game and lions head coach jim schwartz side stepped the issue. >> i can't comment on t i didn't see it. i would be very surprised if it was anything other than a natural course of the game. >> this is what hall of fame quarterback boomer esiason said
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at half time about that play. quote, this is supposed to be a brotherhood. you're supposed to have respect for one another. brows smith, i could always shake his hand. reggie white, i could always shake his hand after a game. i would never shake this guy's hand because once again, he's crossed over the line and it's obvious that it was on purpose. shannon sharpe pile d on. he had a similar response on twitter. suh needs to get suspended for kicking schaub in the groin. that was a deliberate act. eric vincent is the detroit lions columnist for bleacher report.c he now joins me by phone. wow! so do you agree with shannon sharpe and boomer esiason? >> i think everybody just needs to relax, especially shannon sharpe and boomer esiason. it was just a natural reaction. you see suh's body, he's falling towards the ground and his foot kicks out just like that. not like last year where he deliberately kind of is pushing
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a guy's head down. this is a little bit different. this wasn't as bad as people are making it out to be. suh is not a dirty player. it's just unfortunate what happened. >> oh, come on. how could -- i'm a lions fan and i think he he's a great player, but he has been voted time and time again as the dirtiest player by nfl players. >> and i think that's what this is. i think it's more of his reputation of keeping him in trouble. if this was anybody else, i guarantee you this would not be in the news. if it's the dirtiest player voted by the league then it's going to make "headline news." it's not as bad as people are making it out to be. >> nfl is going to look into it, isn't it? >> they are and honestly i don't think suh will win this debacle. but it's unfortunate. i don't think he's as guilty as people are making it out to be. he's a good player. he is a bit dirty at times. i think this is getting blown out of proportion a little bit. >> you think because of his reputation -- he even went through anger management
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classes. you think because of his reputation he may pay for an infraction that wasn't? >> this is more so of his reputation than it is him trying to be dirty. it might look a certain way. look at it. natural reaction. being dragged down to the ground. you can only do so much when you've got pads on, being thrown by a 300-pound man. i don't think it's as bad as people are making it out to be. >> okay, eric. i hope your right, eric. as i said, as a lions fan, it hurts me. it hurts me. eric vincent from bleacher thank you so much for being with us this morning. it was a road warrior thanksgiving in the nfl. houston won at detroit. in dallas, washington redskins quarterback rg3 threw for four touchdowns as they hung on. they beat the cowboys 38-31. the cowboys came back at some point. it was a feast for the new england patriots as they devoured the new york jets
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17 minutes past the hour. egypt's president mohamed morsi gives himself sweeping new powers until a new constitution is written, which could take six months. he issued an order, preventing courts from overturning his decisions and later said he has dedicated himself to democracy and freedom. protesters stormed his political parties' headquarters and set it on fire today, according to local media. protesters are also calling this the birth of a new pharaoh. and they are demanding an end to morsi's regime. french authorities have decided not to formally investigate former president nicolas sarkozy, but he may have to testify to allegations that illegally donated to his presidential campaign. he also faces the possibility of criminal charges. thick fog may have caused several deadly pile-ups on a
6:19 am
texas highway thanksgiving day morning. two people died. as many as 120 others sent to the hospital. about 100 cars were mangled wrecks. many of those cars -- i don't think they're drivable ever again. to gaza now. a truce between israel and hamas is facing a test this morning. amid reports of a deadly shoot i ing. it happened in the border town of khan younis. sara sidner is in jerusalem. what can you tell us about this, sara? >> reporter: carol, we're hearing from the health ministry in gaza, saying the 25 people were injured, one person killed in the past 24 hours. they're saying that it was farmers who were in the area of east of khan younis in gaza, border area. we also heard from the israeli military who has a very different story, saying several
6:20 am
groups of men had come up to the border, the fence, tried to go over on to the israeli side, protesting israel, that the soldiers fired in the air as a warning shot and then fired at their legs. the israeli military not commenting and not confirming yet because they're investigating whether or not someone was killed or whether there are any injuries. but at this point the health department is saying that, indeed, there were several injuries. this is coming at a very intense time. as you know, it's not even been 48 hours since the cease fire was put in place after eight days of intense fighting between gaza and israel and one of the conditions was there was no aggression between either side. and now we're seeing this incident. this incident not that unusual in some ways. there are a lot of things that happen along that border fence and near that area of khan younis but it's coming at a very difficult time that could derail something. although we haven't heard from either of the governments, hamas, not the israeli government as to whether this will mean anything to the cease fire. but certainly people are holding their breath, hoping the cease fire still holds. carol? >> sara sidner reporting for us
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all right. want to check back in with -- these are live shots from landover hills, maryland, in suburban washington. sort of where the washington redskins play ball. stadium located here. these are community members, union leaders, maybe a few walmart workers. we don't know. early this morning, ey have gathered in a parking lot very near the walmart store in landover hills, maryland. according to our own renee marsh, these protesters will circle the perimeter of the store. go into the parking lot. we just don't know. renee is waiting for them to reach her. we'll take you back live when they do. tomorrow is a day to think small. third annual small business saturday that encourages people to shop at locally owned businesses. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange to tell us about
6:25 am
small business saturday maybe? >> exactly. that's what they're calling it. that's what it's been called a couple of years. the small businesses feel like they're being kind of left behind and saying, hey, we're here, too. don't just go shop at the walmarts and kmarts and everything. there's usually a pretty sizeable turnout. industry groups said last year more than 100 million people came out to shop at these independently owned small businesses. this is a push to shop local. american express started this whole movement. now the government's small business administration, it's now on board. plus a number of industry groups are pushing this as well. if you are watching football last night you may have noticed ads promoting small business saturday. the funny thing is, that's one of the big obstacles that these small businesses face, getting the word out. these big box retailers have these big ad networks, plenty of money to spend on circulars and tv ads. you'll see these small businesses are turning to places loik facebook and twitter to let shoppers know, hey, don't forget us. come shop at our places, too.
6:26 am
>> i hope not. they're an important part of our economy, right? >> that's a good point. small businesses are creating the lions share of jobs in this country. adding 50,000 employees in october. you look at the october jobs report. the government said private employers added 184,000 job. yeah, that's a sizeable number. we're seeing that momentum pick up over the past year. besides the jobs factor there's also a human element out there. not only are you keeping local communities afloat by shopping at these local stores, there's kind of a camaraderie when you walk into a locally owned family business and everybody knows your name and they want to help you. you're not just going in, sliding your credit card and walking out and feeling like just a number. you feel like you're actually welcomed into the store and you're helped personally. >> absolutely. that is a good part of being a small business person and relating to your customers in a warmer, more intimate way. alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange. thank you. new twist on a very old story.
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ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for being with us. stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom." let's head live right now -- the opening bell, let's talk about that first. stocks poised for a slightly higher open on wall street. continued weakness in europe will likely be the focused during this shortened trading session. senator saxby chambliss has signed activist grover norquist famous anti-tax pledge but he says he's ready to talk tax
6:30 am
hikes to avoid a fiscal cliff. he said earlier this week, quote, i care more about my country than i do a 20-year-old pledge. if we do it his way, we'll continue in debt and i just have a disagreement with him about that. he's talking about grover. in suburban washington you're taking a look at community leaders, union leaders and perhaps some walmart workers. they're heading toward a walmart store. we believe they made it to a parking lot. as you know, they're protesting salary and health benefits for the workers at walmart. renee marsh is among the protesters, joining us now live. fill us in, renee. >> reporter: good morning, carol. i can tell you that they have finally made their way to the outside of this walmart here. just take a look. you can see how many people are out here. i would estimate it is in the hundreds. and they're all chanting. some of them wearing signs, some of them holding signs that say that the wages just aren't where
6:31 am
they should be. now within this mix of people, we know that there are union members. we know that there are community members. have not bumped into an employee of this particular walmart at this point. i did speak to someone from walmart and they tell me they've had two call-ins, but it is not sure if it is at all linked to the folks here. just take a look at all the sign s, respect your workers, walmart, is one sign they are wearing there. and then i'm told -- ma'am, are you an employee? you are an employee of this walmart? >> i am a worker from laurel, maryland, 1985 store. >> so you are -- now did you walk out today? >> yes, i did. we are both on strike. she's also a worker. and walmart in laurel 1985, we are here to support our brothers and sisters across the united states in our walmart stores, walmart warehouses and more. we do want retaliation to stop.
6:32 am
>> reporter: when you walked out today did you walk out in fear that you would lose your job? >> i'm going to loev that to god because i believe in our country. we have federal rights and under the federal rights, we are protected. so i hope there will be no more retaliation when i go back to our stores tomorrow because we are returning to work tomorrow. >> reporter: ma'am, what's your situation been? you're out here today because? >> i'm supporting my sister, cindy. and we're working for end of retaliation in the strike. so we're together. >> reporter: i saw a lot of signs that said pay is not where it should be. you -- obviously you're out out here. you agree with that. tell me how pay has affected or impacted you at all. do you want to see more pay? what are your thoughts as far as wages go? >> we want them to give us a living wage. that's one of the things we're asking for. we can't afford health care. why should we work 40 hours and
6:33 am
have to go to the government to get medical assistance or food stamps to make our families being able just to live a basic life? we're not asking for anything that workers don't work for inside those walmart stores. it is our sweat and blood that gives them their billions that they're making. instead of keep taking them from us, all we're asking is that they give back in return. we're not asking them to give us anything. we work hard and so we just want a decent wage, a fair living. and we're tired of broken shifts. we're tired of them not scheduling people right. i mean, how could you live off one day a week or 20 hours a week? we can't do it. they're making billions. over 100 cities today, workers are walking out. >> reporter: thank you so much, ma'am. thank you so much. and they're not alone out here, carol. you can see this line keeps on going. it keeps on going. it's wrapped around the corner.
6:34 am
i am told that they will be at some point going on to the property of walmart. i did see some managers from this particular walmart waiting in the parking lot. but i also see police here. i don't know if they will be able to get on the property. of course, carol, we will be watching and waiting. back to you. >> just to clarify, the blond woman you were talking to, does she work in a walmart warehouse or a walmart store? >> reporter: she says that she works at a walmart store. not this walmart, but she says she works at a walmart store, carol. >> reporter: mot. >> most of the people, as far as you can determine right now, are not actual walmart workers? >> reporter: as far as i can tell. the majority of people that i see or that i've spoken to, they are members of unions. they are people within the community that sympathize with the workers of walmart. the majority of the people you're seeing here, at least from the people i've been
6:35 am
speaking to, they are not specifically walmart workers, carol. >> reporter: renee marsh, reporting live from landover hills, maryland. thank you so much. many are headed to row tails today to get some shopping in, obviously. we'll take a look at the building pressure for shoppers this holiday season. 
6:36 am
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6:38 am
shop, shop, shop. that's what many people were doing this black friday. is the pressure to shop getting to us? some people are losing civility. listen. [ bleep ] push my kids down i will stab one of you [ bleep ]. >> wouldn't you love to be in a store with him? that was at a black friday opening in sacramento, california. those shoppers barely inside the store when that man went off. once inside, some people may be more threatened by pressure from salespeople. you go in for a 3d tv, snag a
6:39 am
discounted kindle, then score a deal on an ipad 4. all you intended to buy was a tv and now you wonder how will i ever pay off my credit card bill? clinical psychologist jeff gardiere joins us from new york. you're going to help us with that. we appreciate it. >> good to see you as always. >> number one, don't buy what you already have. that seems simple. >> yeah. stay away from the duplications. listen, we don't need another hero and we don't need another flat screen tv. because of the pressure from the retailers, we feel that we just need to go a little bit better, go a little bit bigger. stick with what you have. carol, i love watching you on my 42" plasma tv. i don't need to go to the 52". i'll keep what i have right now. >> you're a strong man, jeff gardere. you say also make a list. >> make a list before you go into the store and stick to the list. you discussed right here on your
6:40 am
broadcast that you go in to buy something. next thing you know, you're buying two or three other things, again that you don't need. if you stick to that list, stick to your guns, you're going to feel much better afterwards and certainly you're going to feel a lot less guilt when you get home. >> you know what always bothers me? i go out to christmas shop but then i end up buying gifts for myself as well. you can't help it. >> well, you really can help it because of that pressure that's on. i opened up my computer this morning. i got at least -- i don't know -- 40 e-mails on black friday. so that subliminal sechlt duc uchu -- seduction. you want to reward yourself for being out there at the store. if you're going to buy for everyone else, what's another $100 or $200 for buying something for yourself? then you get home and say did i really need that? >> this may stop me, though. pay cash not credit.
6:41 am
>> we need to spend in real time. too often we're in that virtual world with the credit cards or online, we think we have unlimited funds. here is the idea. go out. take out the cash. you know exactly what you have in your hand. you will be limited to what you're spending. you're feeling the pain right now. it's a reality. check, one, two, three. and you know not to go over that cash. >> that is such good advice. i know you've said it, stores are perpetuating the shop till you drop mentality. it crystallizes this. let's watch. >> black friday. >> the biggest shopping day of the year. we're giving you incredible savings with -- >> mega mart's 12-minute madness. >> shortest, craziest sale in retail history. you have just 12 minutes to rush in and grab all the deals you can carry. it's going to be a savings stampede. >> savings stampede. >> ipads for $39. >> that kind of crystallizes it.
6:42 am
we all know that this is a hard core sales tactic yet we all fall for it. why is that? >> look, here is the bottom line. we saw that hoard of people running. lose your individualism. join the party. have some fun, get those endorphins going. are you smarter than a retailer, carol? i know you are. i know i am. knowing that the retailers are pulling every book -- every trick out of the book to get you to separate from your wallet tells me, you know what? i'm going to be a little bit smarter. i'm going to hold on to my money. i don't want to be manipulated. i'll buy what i need not what you're telling me i need to buy. i'm getting angry right now, carol. >> you're making me stronger, though, dr. jeff, and i appreciate t i'm not going shopping today! i'm watching college football. >> i hear you. >> dr. jeff, thanks so much for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure. so a woman poses for a
6:43 am
photo. she uploads it to her facebook page and she started an internet firestorm. a few days later she was actually fired from her job! have we reached a new era of internet justice? [ gordon ] for some this line is a convenience. how you doing today? i'm good thanks. how are you? i'm good. [ gordon ] but for others, it's all they can afford. every day nearly nine million older americans don't have enough to eat. anything else? no, not today. join me, aarp, and aarp foundation in the drive to end hunger by visiting
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best of all, this plan has the lowest part d premium in the united states -- only $15 a month. open enrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens. special day in washington, d.c. a little over an hour from now, the first lady, michelle obama, will be presented with the white house christmas tree. it was selected in october and harvested this month. christmas trees are a tradition for many people this time of year. there's another tradition that gives special meaning, the real meaning to the holiday season for christians worldwide. i'm talking about the story of the birth of jesus christ. now a new book challenges everything you may think you know. and you'll never guess who the author is.
6:47 am
co-editor of cnn's belief belong. good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> this book was written by the pope? >> it was. i thought you were going to say it was written by me, which would have been nice. but, no, it's written by the pope. it really spells out important pieces of the christmas story tradition that the pope says are wrong. three points. the timing, the animals and the angels. >> so let's start with the timing. s. >> historical ly, the calendar has revolved around the year jesus was born, which people usually recognize as the year zero. the pope is saying in this new bonk book that a monk in 550, not too long ago, 550 ce, common era, goofed on the date and got it wrong. many historians who have read the bible and dug it apart and lo looked at the other surrounding historical documents have said, no, jesus was probably born a few years earlier, before the
6:48 am
year zero and the pope sort of spells that out in the book and makes a passing reference to it. that's gotten a lot of people curious because he's really sidinghistorical critical method there. >> what impact will this have if the pope is proved correct? >> it won't change the main part of the story. in the tradition that are a little skewed, he keeps coming back to this idea that the christian theology as jesus coming as a savior as a little baby, that doesn't change if these little pieces of the tradition change. >> the other thing in the pope's book challenges another long-held tradition that animals were present at the manger. no oxen, no donkey, no sheep? >> this is going to cut hard home for a lot of kids who are going to be the oxen in this year's christmas pageant. it's going to hurt them specifically. the pope says that is something
6:49 am
that is implicitly referenced in the text, not explicitly referenced. let's take a look at this passage from luke. in the passage from luke, luke 2, verse 7 it says and she gave birth -- she is mary there. and she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth and laid him in a manger because there was no place for them in the inn. mary and joseph have traveled to bethlehem because there's a c . census taking place so they can be counted. there's no room for them in the inn. they've taken the baby, jesus, laid him in a manger, which would have been a trough where the animals ate. there's an implicit reference, there's a bowl for animals to eat out of but no explicit reference saying a cow walked over and chomped on grass next to baby jesus. the pope is saying that doesn't mean that the tradition or theory is wrong but this piece about animals whoa may be
6:50 am
overstating. >> i quickly have to ask about the angels singing. there were no angels singing? >> the pope is saying there were angels but clear example in the text says the angels were saying to the shepherds, not singing t. he picks apart the text there and says, look. they weren't singing. they were taking. doesn't change the message. >> it was still beautiful, no matter what. >> sure. and you can still sing those carols in church. >> thanks so much for being with us us, eric. >> you got it. >> we'll be back. took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth
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6:53 am
53 minutes past the hour. fired over facebook. lindsay stone was on a trip to arlington national cemetery when she posed for this photo. that's her making an obscene gesture next to a sign that asked for respect.
6:54 am
she uploaded that to facebook and it wasn't long until the internet had a response. she said we never meant any disrespect to the people nationwide who have served this country and defended our freedom so valiantly. despite the apology, she was fired from her job at a company that assists adults with disabilities due to an overwhelming internet-type of protest. joining me now is mario armstrong. so, mario, we wondered about this because she doesn't work for arlington national cemetery. shouldn't this controversy be between her employer and herself? >> you know, carol, i don't know how many times i have to go on the air and tell people your privacy is not private when it comes to our actions online. i'm telling you. parents, caregivers, listen up.
6:55 am
if you have children growing up in this culture, tell them to be digitally legitimate. nothing is private. employers are constantly checking our pages. we're increasingly attached to our employer with our actions. we don't want people jumping to conclusions. it's very easy, carol, to like something on facebook. to click the dut ton. when a group of people started calling for her head and worst saying she should be shot or exiled, people started liking that page in thousands of numbers. that put immense pressure on the company that she worked for to take some type of action. my personal opinion is it's clearly wrong and out of context. i've visited arlington cemetery, but there's no way in my mind i could see how that could be seen as a joke in that particular setting. >> it's sort of like mob justice, isn't it? >> i hear that.
6:56 am
and i understand that. here's what i don't like about people -- that's why i said watch what you jump on to. because you're not emotionally attached to clicking that like button on facebook but someone could lose their job. if you're doing it and just going along your way on facebook and click, say this sounds like something i should click on. that could be used against that person. we're in a time we're not seeing emotional connection to what we're doing. could a flash mob create online justice? years ago that would have been private. they would have printed it out. but we're not in that age now. that's what has me concerned and upset. this woman shouldn't be in this situation because she should have known that was a bad idea. >> interesting. mario armstrong, thanks for being with us.
6:57 am
we appreciate it. >> thank you, guys. be safe on those internets, please. >> we will. see you next hour. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a quick break. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship. together for your future.
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7:00 am
now in the newsroom. power grab. egypt's president bestows himself power. this is no democracy. thanksgiving day pileup. fog and what or who caused a 100-car disaster on a texas highway? black friday madness. punches thrown, threats made. an american tradition gets underway across the country. and the downward dog of laptops. tech toys and yoga combine for one conflicted experience. "newsroom" starts now.
7:01 am
good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm karen costello. it is black friday. retailers flinging open doors and bargain rushers going. a staggering 147 million shoppers in all across much of the country the lines are long and the tempers are short. >> push one of my kids, i will stab one of you mother [ bleep ]! >> long lines may not be the only thing waiting for you at the stores this morning. many walmart workers are walking off the job at stores across the country. picket lines aren't at every walmart store, but they will nonetheless create headaches. >> we are here to support our brothers and sisters across the united states in our walmart
7:02 am
stores, our warehouses and more. we do want retaliation to stop. >> when you walked out today did you walk out in fair that you would lose your job? >> i'm going to leave that to god, because i believe in our country. we have federal rights and under the federal rights, we are protected. so i hope there will be no more retaliation when i go back to our stores tomorrow. because we are returning to work tomorrow. >> ma'am, what's your situation been? you're out here today because? >> i'm supporting my sister cindy and we're working for stopping the retaliation and strike. so we're together. >> earlier this week, i talked with a walmart spokesperson about the strike. he dismissed the workers' complaints. >> we're working hard every day to provide more opportunities for associates. go back to some of the things i said to you earlier about how people -- >> if a lot of them are making $15,000 a year, you can't live a
7:03 am
strong middle class lifestyle on that. you just can't. >> right, but our jobs are like i said some of the best jobs in the retail industry. >> even the ones that make $15,000 a year. what's an average salary for employment? >> our average wage is about $12.40 an hour for full-time associate. >> many business experts are keeping a close eye on the protest and whether the workers can muster with any leverage. they say with walmart being the nation's largest private employer, it has an influence on the entire industry. two dead and over a hundred injured in texas. thick fog on thanksgiving morning may have caused a huge pileup in houston. ktrk was at the crash site 37. >> reporter: as metal is picked up and peeled away, devon cash
7:04 am
can't believe he was inside this just a few hours ago. his ford fusion beyond recognition. >> crazy. flashed right before my eyes. >> reporter: the college freshman was riding in his car with father, mother, sister, and roommate. when a morning drive to baton rouge changes everything this krg day. >> it was just a couple of seconds. >> reporter: the family thought it might be best to say in the car until others yelled for them to get out. >> as we were trying to get out, a car hit us again. after that car hit us, we jumped out. and the 18 wheeler came and hit all the cars. >> reporter: his door was jammed, so he climbed through the back seen just before his car was reduced to this. when you look at your car, what are you thinking? >> i'm glad i wasn't in it. grace of god. >> us too. let's talk a little sports. ndamukong suh may want to quit playing on thanksgiving. he gets in controversial plays.
7:05 am
it happened again. suh ends up kicking texas quarterback matt schaub in the groin. schaub stayed in the game, but he would not discuss the incident afterward. jim schwartz, he sidestepped the issue. >> i can't comment. i didn't see it. i mean, you don't see stuff like that. i'd be surprised if it was anything other than the natural course of the game. >> hall of fame quarterback boomer esiason had hard words for suh. quote, this is supposed to be a brotherhood. you're supposed to have respect for one another. bruce smith, i could always shake his hand. reggie white, i could shake his hands. i would never shake this guy's hand once again he does it on purpose. shannon sharpe wrote, suh needs to get suspended for kicking schaub in the groin. that was a deliberate act. hln's carlos diaz joins me now.
7:06 am
not long ago i spoke with eric vincent from bleacher report. he says everybody's making a mountain out of a mole hill on this. >> really? i mean, okay. let's break down the video. this is, if you ask me, an obvious act of aggression. look at the video as suh is going to the ground. okay, okay, okay. that right there. it's just the chop downward to the kick. if you look at it face, he's looking at matt schaub. unintention? intentional? intentional. >> but he wasn't looking at him. he was looking at the ground. >> wait pl hold on. look at his head right there. see his head, how it's turned to the left. i feel we're breaking this down, but it's over and to the left. basically what you're talking about here, if he is not suspended then the league is saying tafs an unintentional act. if they're saying it was
7:07 am
intentional when they suspended him last year for stomping on a player's head. this is much worse. that's the thing. he's not getting the message. >> in fairness, schaub bounced back up. he didn't appear hurt at all. he didn't. >> carol, as a man -- >> i'm a lions fan. give me a break. >> as a man, all right, you can bounce back up, but that kind of pain lasts a long time. so he bounced right back up and he seemed fine. hopefully he's wearing a cup. but my point is that right there is intentionally hurting a quarterback which the league is supposed to be protecting. you know? >> i think it was really telling what schaub said after the game, too, in the press conference. he says i'm not going to talk about that person. he wouldn't even say suh's name. >> i'm not going to talk about that play or that person. basically ndamukong suh didn't talk afterwards because the lions feel they were robbed of a
7:08 am
win. >> well, they were. >> you being a lions fan, of course. a lot of people say they don't expect a suspension. i say if the league deems it intentional, he will be suspended because he's not getting the message that -- he's been voted the dirtiest player in the nfl by his peers. so basically if the league believes it's intentional, they will suspend him. if they don't, they'll have to say it wasn't intentional. >> they got a lot of things to decide come monday morning. >> like if i throw a red flag, don't get your feelings hurt. and flag me for another 15 yards. you know wla? i'm not going to review the penalty. you threw the red flag and weren't supposed to. dumbest rule in the nfl. >> we agree on something. >> there we go. thank you so much. i'll just keep your feet away from me. >> but now i know how to protect myself. >> took you this long to know that? >> no, not really. we'll be right back.
7:09 am
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can i still ship a gift in time for christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. it's 11 minutes past the hour. checking our top stories now. french authorities have decided not to formally investigate
7:12 am
nicolas sarkozy but he may have to look into accusations that france's richest woman ate at his presidential campaign. he also faces possible criminal charges. are you still stuffed from eating all that heavy food? the crew of the international space station probably isn't. one american and two russians had their turkey and dressing in zero gravity. they also had their marshmallows and candied yams. few images are for more important to christians this time of year than baby jesus and the manager. the pope writes a book saying there were actually no animals at the manger. he also said angels did not sing at christ's birth. and the birth date is several years off. having said that, the holy father is not pushing anyone to
7:13 am
change their traditions. he's received international praise for his role in brokering a truce between israel and hamas. but now mohamed morsi is under scrutiny for a controversial power gram. from tahrir square we have reza. morsi's actions seem to be having the opposite effect he's trying for. >> carol, it is a very loud scene here. i'm having a difficult time hearing you. but let me set the scene for you here. it's a dramatic one. thousands of protesters have been filing in for several hours. a number of clashes have broken out in several of the major arteries leading into tahrir square. the way these clashes start are
7:14 am
usually with young people throwing rocks at security forces. security forces respond with shooting tear gas. right now we are seeing tear gas clouds in those arteries. and demonstrators are still here. there's a little bit of a calm that's taken over in the past hour. but still the potential for clashes remain as the demonstrators are still here and security forces are still here. this scene reminiscent of the scenes in tahrir square in 2011. in 2011 the outrage was aimed at hosni mubarak. this is current outrage at mohamed morsi after a number of decrees last night that many of his critics here describe as an undemocratic power grab. one of those decree bans anyone from overturning any of his declarations. since the took office in june. this decree says not even the
7:15 am
judiciary can overturn his declarations nap order is to stay in place until the parliament takes over. this is morsi undermining democratic processes to them. >> reza, thanks so much for filling us in. we'll get back to you. unbelievable. here at home in the united states, long lines may not be the only thing waiting at the stores this morning. many walmart workers are walking off the job across the country. the picket lines aren't at every walmart, but will create headaches on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. renee marsh is in landover, maryland where some are protesting. >> reporter: they've all cleared out. but they tell me they're on their way now to two other
7:16 am
walmarts in maryland. within this crowd, most of the people here were union members or community members who happened to support the cause of higher wages, better benefits for walmart workers. very few as far as i could see walmart workers in the crowd here. i did pose that question to the protesters. how effective are you if you're actually not getting workers to walk out on this day? if you're not getting the walmart behind me to kind of feel it, so to speak, if everyone is in place and it's business as usual inside. they still feel that they are very effective, because they believe that this is getting national attention. the issues of wages, benefits for these workers. retaliation, they say, is also an issue within walmart. if you remember earlier, we spoke to two women. they happen to be walmart workers. they walked out today. they're workers at a laural,
7:17 am
maryland, walmart. one of the women i spoke to, cindy murray, she says she's been with walmart going on 13 years. she says she gets a 40 cent raise every year and says that's simply not enough. that being said, she is scheduled to be back at work tomorrow morning. i asked her does she think she has a job to go back to after walking out and speaking out on national tv against walmart. she says she simply does not know. she did give me her number. we'll touch base with her. she hopes she has a job when she goes back tomorrow. here at walmart, i did speak with a rep and they tell me they do not retaliate. they have an open door policy but the protesters don't seem to agree. >> we'll see what happens to cindy tomorrow. renee marsh in landover, maryland. thanks so much. black friday, small business saturday, cyber monday. all shoppers want is to find the very best deal.
7:18 am
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the door busters are or if you could save a boat load getting the tv online. well, there's an app for that quite a few, actually. >> on this black friday where shopping has become more of a sport where you need a helmet and elbow pads, you should also be armed with some apps. cnn sorted through all of them and came out with a list of the most helpful. let's go through them. a big favorite, an app called redlaser. this one's free. it uses your phone's camera to scan bar codes so you see all the products. it will then show you these products online and locally. it's doing comparison shopping, doing the hard work for you. ebay bought redlaser two years ago. since then it's really become a must-have for bargain hunters. another one called snap tell is
7:22 am
another great one. amazon owns that one. slice tracks your packages from what you bought online. so if you log on to this happen through your e-mail, you can go ahead and track your packages. now, if you hate receipts as i do, lemon will make a digital version of them by snapping a picture. and there's an app called black friday that will get you through all the craziness e by trying to compile all the deals. >> that's great. i'm going to -- that is really cool. i'm going to put some of those on my iphone right after the newscast. >> yes. >> let me ask you this. wovnt people want to stay at home and buy online? why go into the stores and use your apps. >> i'm more on the online shopping. ibm found shopping sales went good online. clearly i'm not alone.
7:23 am
the number of people making purchases on their mobile device, that also jumped from last year. and the ipad remains shoppers' favorite device when looking for deals. and another interesting find from ibm. the big winners were sites that tailored e-mails or offers to shoppers that bought in the last year. you're getting targeted so you really feel like you want to shop even more. oh, yea. >> oh, yea is right. allison kosic, thanks so much. going against grover's anti-tax pledge. so we're wondering. is grover over? if you are one of the millions of men who have used androgel 1%, there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and...
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[ woman ] his phone is one of his biggest supporters. [ female announcer ] with cisco at the center... working together has never worked so well. [ male announcer ] you build a reputation by not breaking down. consider the silverado 1500 -- still the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. and now we've also been recognized for lowest total cost of ownership -- based on important things, like depreciation, fuel, and maintenance costs. and now trade up to get a 2012 chevy silverado all-star edition with a total value of $9,000. from outstanding value to standing the test of time, chevy runs deep. 26 minutes past the hour. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm karen costello. time to check our top stories. shoppers sprinting to the stores
7:27 am
and the malls this holiday season. one retail analyst expects sales to rise 3% from last year. thick fog may have caused a pileup in texas on thanksgiving day morning. two people are dead as well as 120 others hurt. they were sent to the hospital. 100 cars, they're unrecognizable now. they're that mangled. and a truce between israel and hamas is in trouble today. killing one palestinian and wounding 19 others. israel says the people were rioters trying to breach a border fence. this is the first report of a fatality since the ceasefire. let's take you live to cairo, egypt rb right now while there are protests in tahrir square. thousands of people are protesting because egypt president morsi took kidictatorl
7:28 am
power. as you know, during the arab spring, many people all over that country want a democracy. and now they're protesting again. you can see it's getting rather violent in tahrir square right now. they're protesting again over what they call another blow to democracy in the country. we'll keep you posted. is grover snoefr norquist, the powerful lobbyist and new no taxes ever pledge may be losing support. jump off the american for tax reform anti-tax bandwagon. sh chambliss says if we do it
7:29 am
norquist's way, we'll continue in debt and i just have a disagreement about that. what does it mean for the fiscal cliff? one of three topics we want to talk about with our panel this morning. the other, there's been a war between israel and hamas, the cia director has resigned, and his ambassador to united nations has remained under fire. we'll also touch on black friday. joining me is anna navarro. good morning. >> good morning, carol. good morning. >> good morning. on to our first topic. is overover, anna? >> well, it sure has a nice ring to it. i say good job to chambliss. your pledge should be to your country, your god, your spouse. that's what it is. i come at this from the jeb bush school of thought.
7:30 am
couple of months ago he was being asked about this in congress and he said you don't outsource your convictions. that's exactly the right thing to say and the right thing to think. you should act because that's how you want to act. not because you are being held bound by some pledge. >> and maria, what does this mean for talks on the fiscal cliff? >> well, i actually think it's positive. because it gives republicans lee way to do the right thing. and chambliss was right on in basically saying he cares more about his country. i wasn't at the -- was at the dnc in the early '90s. when bush won he said this is my pledge. no new taxes. when he had to raise taxes, it wasn't the raising of taxes that got him into trouble. it was breaking that pledge. so the pledge politicians should be taking is to take no pledges and focus on what needs to be
7:31 am
done. when you have ben stein and bill kristol, two big republicans saying new taxes and revenue should be on the table, i think the puppet master days of grover norquist for republicans are over. zblifs us open. on to our second topic. are second terms always abysmal failures for presidents? maria? >> no, they're not. if you look at history, carol, there are really no great presidents that didn't have a second term. are they difficult? will there be enormous challenges? yes, of course. but this is what also brings out the character in the president and focuses on doing the right thing from a bipartisan standpoint. you look at fdr. you look at lincoln. you look even at reagan in terms of what he did with the soviet union. all those things happened in the second term. though there's turmoil now for president obama, these are external things that really he doesn't have a lot of control over. it will all focus on how he handles it, how he focuses on
7:32 am
solutions, how he works with republicans in order to do the right thing for this country. >> but anna, this is major turmoil. we're not talking about little things here. >> no, we're not talking about little things. and it's a lot of turmoil and it all happened one right after the other right after re-election. first terms are about being re-elected. second terms should be about building a legacy and leaving something behind. i think we should be watching closely what happens with the fiscal cliff. because if they are able -- if republicans in congress and the president are able to get together and actually do something, i think it's a good omen for what's ahead. if they can't, we're in for a touch four years. he'll have a tough time passing his agenda. as americans we should all be rooting for him because we're in this together. there are big hairy problems to tackle. i think it's a good thing what we're hearing right now out of the republican leadership and
7:33 am
white house where everyone seems to be holding hands right now singing kumbaya and wanting to get something done. i say we pray for that and see if it actually happens. >> i'm with you. i'm going to drop to my knees right now. third topic. we have to talk about black friday. i wanted to ask both of you, how long do you think it will be until stores open at midnight on christmas day? anna? >> listen, one black friday is enough. black friday followed by turkey thursday and i'm wearing green today in honor of black friday in honor of the money. it's a great moneymaker for the stores. i've got relatives here from central america who are here to go fight over a $4 poster they probably don't even need. you know, i actually am not a fan of these commercial holidays, if you like, because i think it takes away a bit from the thought of just yesterday we
7:34 am
were all about family and friends and giving thanks. and now we're all fighting with each other, duking it out over tickle me elmo. so i think we need to put the focus back where it is. that being said, we're in a tough economy. if this gets people spending the money and getting the economy churning, it's all good. to each his own. >> maria, i really think one day soon that retailers will just remain open 24/7 even on holidays because they need to get people into the stores to buy, buy, buy. >> i guess that might be the case, carol, but i hope not. i guess in this recession and clugish recovery it is a good thing. it's not so good for family unity. but i got to tell you. coming off of a political campaign where people were so sick of all the political ads, how long did it take me to get sick of the door buster ads for macy's and walmart and target. i was sick of it, carol. god forbid that black friday
7:35 am
come along for christmas. then then one thing we're going to be seeing is santa claus at the end of the commercials for black friday saying i'm st. nick and i approve this message. >> it's not long, i'm telling you. maria cardona, anna thank you for being with us. some things get better with age. wine, cheese, and hollywood stars. we'll examine the latter in our series age against the machine. my doctor told me calcium
7:36 am
is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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7:38 am
today celebrities are a little older, a little wiser. when it comes to the box office, they're certainly no worse for wear. nischelle turner takes a look at hollywood's booming stars. >> reporter: just try counting the stars born between 1946 and
7:39 am
1964. that's hollywood, baby. booming with entertainers who decades after they debuted are still delivering the goods to the 80 million americans aged 48 to 66 who first made them famous. >> the baby boomers did change everything. they created the me generation, the youth generation. but guess what? when you hold on to that power economically and in the press, you don't let go just because you're 60. you keep it going. >> reporter: witness the rolling stones. the brits first rocked bobby's kids in the mid-60s. now those kids are in their 60s. the band members, pushing 70. when they announced their new tour last month, they sold out american arenas in minutes. >> who call it quits?
7:40 am
not us. when they've had enough, we'll disappear gracefully. >> reporter: the idea that hollywood glamour equals youth, that's old thinking. just ask bon jovi's richie sambora. he's 53, filling stadiums, and feeling fine. >> i feel younger and better now than i did in my 20s. more in touch, more present, more involved in life. >> reporter: being of a certain age is no longer bad for business. as "more" mag seen's editor in chief says. >> you now have to wake it and say let's see who's got the money to go to the movies. it's people who have some economic power. and it's not going to be just the 20-somethings. >> reporter: proving that, cruise, bruces, merle, mirran, baldwin. with the decades still paying to see their new projects. >> they're still doing the top movies and top broadway shows.
7:41 am
they're creating new series. they're reinventing themselves at the top of their game. >> reporter: and inspiring their cohorts. >> look at the rolling stones. if they're any benchmark, damn! >> 50 years we started. if you're a band you can say we could be like that. there's a role model for that. good or bad role model, i can't tell you. >> reporter: nischelle turner were cnn, hollywood. >> thanks. black friday, small business saturday, cyber monday. all shoppers want are to find the best deals. and what do you need to do to spend less? i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many different park service units across the united states.
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44 minutes past the hour. thousands of people across the united states are out in full force today to try to save some cash on this black friday. but a lot of people are staying home looking forward to shopping from their desktop on cyber monday. with 24 hour access, does cyber monday matter anymore? are there still deals to be had? good morning, kay ski. >> good morning. happy black friday to you. >> right back at ya. i'll ask you that first question off the top. does cyber monday matter anymore? because people can shop online, like, today. >> absolutely. cyber monday continues to matter for our guests. but they know they can find great deals online and at target throughout the year. yesterday we had great traffic and sales on then last night in our stores, i was out in many of them and had
7:46 am
tremendous turnout. they'll expect to find greater deals throughout cybermonday. >> what's more important for target? for people to go physically into stores or shop online? >> at target we pride ourselves on delivering the great guest experience wherever and whenever they choose to shop. we saw great traffic yesterday on our website. and continue to see that today. but we saw great turnout last night. >> do you offer the same deals online that you do in the store? how do you make it -- i mean, that's the difference? is there any difference at all? >> so, our guests can find many of the same deals online as they can find in the store. but we have some extra deals they can find online. different bundles and things like that. and deals they can only find on cyber monday or throughout cyber week.
7:47 am
they can also find door busters they found when they waited in line as well. i think it's a great way to deliver more in every channel our guest chooses to shop with us. >> are you surprised people still physically go into stores? might we see a day when people will only shop online. i know it's sort of a sport to wait all night and get into the stort to find deals. but that'll pass, don't you think? >> you know, our guests -- what's really exciting is our guests are using many channels to shop. they're not only buying online but doing research online on then taking their mobile device in the stores and using that to emphasize their in-store experience. whether it's to send electronic gift cards to loved one, you see a great convergence of all our channels. >> so because customers are controlling more of the shopping experience because you can also find out where you can get stuff cheaper. you're inside target, see something and scan it.
7:48 am
you can find it where it's cheaper some place else. so are customers now sort of controlling the pricing in a way? >> you know, our guests have always loved target because we expect more and pay less. they can find great deals in all of our channels throughout the year -- >> but still. i mean, do i have a point? >> well, guests love target because they can get great deals. now they can use their red card to get their product and free ship. now with the holiday price match they can shop with confidence knowing we'll match prices of our competitors. >> i know. as far as customers going to the store and target knows this, that i can scan a product and if i can get it cheaper some place else, i'm probably leaving target and get that cheaper some place else. so are customers sort of controlling the prices these days? >> well, customers definitely have a lot of control at their
7:49 am
fingertips. but we compare a whether lot to make sure prices match. they're always getting the best price at target. >> all right. casey carl from target. thank for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much. no surprise some of the most coveted gifts this holiday are high-tech gadgets. we'll break down the list of the hottest items next.
7:50 am
7:51 am
some of the hottest buys this holiday season will be gadgets. there's a few fancy ones you need to know about. joining us from new york, mario armstrong. this is awesome. that's awesome. >> i have cool stuff. watch this. this is the yoga. you would never do this with a regular laptop. a lot of these devices do new things. not only a full keyboard i could use to type for work.
7:52 am
i can also use it as a tablet or place it on the desk and be able to interact with it in a new way. windows 8 laptops. brand new. lots of choices. not all are touch. make sure you go to the store and buy the right one. >> i was going to say yeah but it's windows. >> but it's much better. >> that was mean. let's talk about the wii-u gaming system. i thought wii had long gone away. >> no. they're the only console maker that has a new console coming out this year. me main thing is the game bad controller. it's a second screen that enables you to interact with the games in a new way. my son and i are playing. he can do one thing like singing on a microphone while i can interact on the screen here with the same game. developers are excited about
7:53 am
this because they can create new gaming experiences. >> very cool. i need headphones. tell me about these. >> yes. because they can get expensive. so look. i have a great pair. these are called sol. sounds of life. sol republic. for less than a hundred bucks you can get cool but great sounding headphones, virtually indestructible head bands and you can mix and match the colors on the fly. these are the first set of headphones you can mix and match everything. the head band, the cords can change. >> i love that. >> they're light weight and sound great. >> i can plug it into my ipod while running and i can match the head thing to my running outfit. >> michael phelps did that. shout out to him from baltimore. >> i love that. okay. let's talk about buying the right tablet for your kids. >> getting a lot of questions from parents about this. look, parental controls are a must.
7:54 am
a couple of options. i like the kindle fire. especially the new hd. they have great parental controls. i think you should get a case, but i can drop it and it will still work. the next is the google 7. i like that too. and i like the nook. it has profilers. so each individual family member could have their own settings for their own appropriate content on one device. so if you find yourself sharing your item with the kid in the family, that's a good way to go. and then get a fun case like this. real cute but full of rubber. drops, it bounces. no problem. protects that investment you just purchased. >> those are awesome. thank you so much, mario. that's really helpful. >> i hope it helps a lot of people. i want people to shop smart. make sure you know what you're buying. don't buy just for the sake of buying tech. i have tips on the website too. on mario we have a
7:55 am
blog there with smart shopping tips. >> i hope my husband's listening. i want those headphones for christmas. >> hubby, you can afford these. and carol's not wearing these in january, i'll be upset. >> that's why i like you. we'll be right back. i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount
7:56 am
that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ just unroll it, fill, top, bake, and present. that must have taken you forever! it was really tough. [ female announcer ] pillsbury pie crust. let the making begin is a [ male announcer ] considering all your mouth goes through,
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do you really think brushing is enough to keep it clean? while brushing misses germs in 75% of your mouth, listerine® cleans virtually your entire mouth. so take your oral health to a whole new level. listerine®... power to your mouth™. . it's a sight we've all seen. a child throwing a temper tantrum with a parent not knowing what to do. dr. phil shares a tip on the power of parenting. >> people always are taken aback when i say this, but if you want kids to do what you want them to do, you have to appeal to their greed. what is it that makes them tick? you've got to make them
7:59 am
understand, if you do a, i get b. look, a wild has to be able to predict the consequences of their actions with 100% accur y accuracy. so they need to know if i set the cat on fire, i get in trouble every single time. not some of the time. not occasionally, but every single time. so consistency is critically important. you're their parent. and you have the power and control of what the parameters are. but you need to let them understand that they have some power. so what you're doing is letting them say i determine what i get to do today. so they feel a sense of mastery over in their environment. and that's very important for a child's self-esteem and self-worth. >> thank you, dr. phil. okay. so thanksgiving is officially over and now we have to look towards christmas. let's head out to washington and the white house where at any moment the first lady michelle obama will be presented with the

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